Undergraduate Programs

Information Technology BS, Security & Information Assurance Focus *

Explore how systems use and store data, and operate computers, storage, and networks effectively.


Graduate Programs

Computer Science, MS 

Learn to organize large, complex systems and design applications to help organizations run more effectively.

Information Technology, MS

Learn about the constantly changing, ever-growing field of information computing with a focus on cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity, MS

Train for the cyber workforce of the future with project-based and experiential leaning in all things cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity, MS – Online

Train to be part of the tech workforce of the future and defend individuals and organizations from cyber threats – in a flexible 100% online format.


Doctoral Programs

Computer Science, PHD

Prepare yourself to be a leader and innovator in industry or academia.


Minors and Certificates

Secure Software and Information Engineering, Certificate

Learn encryption, threat analysis, and access control for a better understanding of internet security.

Information Assurance in the Criminal Justice System, Minor

An introduction to criminal justice, including many cybersecurity topics.

*This degree is an NSA validated program of study. Pace University is a designated Center of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity.