What is Cyber Range?

A cyber range is controlled, interactive technology environment where cybersecurity students and practitioners can learn the detailed mechanics of cyber attacks, along with how to detect and mitigate them in a real world environment.

What can you do on the Pace University Cyber Range?

The Pace University Cyber Range provides plenty of opportunities to learn cybersecurity. You will get to train on various attack/defend scenarios of increasing levels of difficulty using virtual machines and containers pre-equipped with tools to perform cybersecurity tasks. The Cyber Range can be used in the following ways:

  • Individual students – learn how to exploit a specific vulnerability on a server, as well as how to remediate that vulnerability.
  • Groups of students – take on different roles in a team-based scenario where you will attack services on one or more servers (and at the same time detect and remediate your own vulnerabilities).
  • Competition training – for teams or individual users defending weakened systems against automated attacks.
  • Researchers – test your malicious code against vulnerabilities to gain insight into its impact on specific environments, and learn how to improve malware detection and risk mitigation.

At the Pace University Cyber Range, we provide several scenarios that feature specific platforms, vulnerabilities and tools to meet learning and competition requirements. Each learning scenario includes a guide to help you understand the context and objectives. If you get stuck, hints will appear, as well as references for further learning.

How Do I Join?

Current account holders may become cyber range users by visiting our Welcome page and following the link for registration. There, you will be asked several questions to asses your cybersecurity competency level so you can receive scenario recommendations that are challenging but not overwhelming.

What’s the process for using the range?

We will send you a registration confirmation email that includes a link to our scenarios and virtual machine/container listings. The first thing to do before starting with any scenario is to check your registration request to obtain your username, temporary password an multi-factor authentication QR code. These are only available for 24 hours.

Then it’s time to work with scenarios! Each scenario comprises one or more virtual machine or containers. Once you find a scenario you want to use, visit our Scenario Request page to request it. You will receive an email within five minutes of your request to let you know it’s ready. Follow the Cyber Range link in your registration request to get logged into the range. Each virtual machine or container in you scenario is accessible via browser-based VNC, requiring no additional software besides a standard web browser.

Enjoy learning about and practicing cybersecurity auto our cyber range! Please contact us with feedback or scenario requests at